Staying Active During The Holidays

December is approaching quicker than you think! The holidays mean more dinners and parties with family and friends. You might be thinking what are some helpful tips to keep my nutrition on point and how to burn off those excess calories. Below are some of my tips on how to have a less guilty holiday:

  • Reducing the amount you would usually eat and/or drink.
    • ¬†Instead of one heaping spoon of mashed potatoes you can reduce it to half a spoon. You still get to enjoy but less of a quantity.
  • Modifying high calorie drinks.
    • If you usually order a grande sized holiday drink from Starbucks you can order a tall size instead.
    • Substituting whole milk for almond milk etc.
    • Eat mindfully
      • Instead of eating very fast. Take your time eating so your body becomes aware when you are full.
  • Fit in short bouts of exercise throughout the day if you can’t commit to a full workout if you’re busy.
    • 15 minutes in the morning when you wake up
    • Walk during your lunch break

Hope these quick helpful tips will help you as the holiday approaches!


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