Preparing Breakfast During the Work Week | Work Life

Getting ready to go to work in the morning for us is always busy and chaotic. I can’t even imagine parents who have to get ready for work and get the kids ready! Here is how we get ready on time and still eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.

I always wake up having water first to get hydrated from a night of sleeping. For breakfast I have already prepared a 4-egg omelette the night before. So in the mornings I just have to pop it into the microwave which saves on cooking and cleaning time. If I didn’t prepare it the night before we will cook an omelette in the morning if we have extra time. For the 4-egg omelette it is split in half between the two of us. I usually make omelettes with mushrooms, green peppers, and some bacon bits. I usually have a cup of milk, water, or juice to go with my omelette. The omelette is filling and lasts me to almost lunch time.

How do you prepare breakfast for the work week? Comment below!