2018 SMART Goals

2018 Goals

It’s never too late to create goals for yourself to achieve. I am a firm believer you don’t have to wait until the new year to have a new years resolution. You can start working on a goal anytime! To start you can decide on any goal that will help you become a better you. It doesn’t have to be a weight loss goal, it could be anything such as spending more time with your family. To help you follow through on your goals, you can follow the SMART goal setting structure.

S – Specific: Choose a specific goal that you want to achieve (ie. I want to increase the amount of pull-up’s I can do)

M – Measurable: Your goal should have a number to it so you know when you’ve reached your goal (ie. I want to be able to do 5 pull-up’s)

A  – Attainable: Your goal should be in reach and not too far where you feel demotivated.

R  – Realistic: Is your goal something you can actually achieve or is it too wishful thinking? For example, if you’ve never exercised before but want to accomplish 5 pull-up’s it may not be very realistic.

T – Timely: When do you want to achieve your goal by? Set a time frame so you know when to reach your goal by.

If you need  help with your fitness goals, contact Essential Fitness by filling out the form. Happy 2018! Good luck with your goal(s).