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Home Personal Training for Women

Stop wasting your precious time by driving to and from the gym to get in a workout! Essential Fitness offers home personal training which has a variety of benefits for women in Mississauga.

  • Convenient – your personal trainer comes to your house at your preferred time
  • Private – no more worrying about other’s watching you while you are exercising
  • Cost effective – stop wasting your money for gym membership’s that you don’t go often enough
  • Less excuses – having a personal trainer come to your home in the winter means you’ll be committed to exercising regularly
  • Freedom – no more following gym rules, such as: only 30 minutes on a cardio machine

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Please note that if you’re looking for a quick one time fix, Essential Fitness will not work for you. Essential Fitness’ vision is that being active and healthy is a lifestyle journey. 

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