Mississauga Freshmen 15 Training

Starting at a new school is already stressful enough. Once you factor in study time, assignments, readings, mid-terms, and exams; that can be challenging! A recent graduate like myself knows exactly how stressful school can get. It can get difficult to find time to even schedule in a good workout! That is why Essential Fitness offers personal training services to students like you. See below as to why the Freshmen 15 training program will work for you:

  • Affordable¬†– Save 15% off all personal training programs. Current school ID required.
  • Reliable and accountable¬†– Never miss a workout again! Your personal trainer will always be there every time a session is booked in.
  • Convenient – No more wasting time commuting to the gym! Your personal trainer arrives at your home on time for a great workout

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