A Simple Guide to Portion Control for Women

There are many ways to controlling¬†your calories, from tracking them in a calorie counter app/diary to weighing your food on a scale. However, that takes a lot of time and precision to possibly estimate how many calories you’re getting daily. A more simpler method to controlling your calories is actually right in your hands (haha, get it?). Your hand is a great way to build your meals because it’s in relation to your size. The smaller hands you have will mean you’ll have a smaller portion size than someone with a larger hand. The Precision Nutrition guide below is a great starting guide that you can easily adjust based on your hunger and fullness cues, and goals.

If this is your first time, always start simple as possible to stay consistent. You can choose to start with adding 1 fist of vegetables with every dinner, for example. Once you feel you are doing this consistently, you can then build on from there by implementing this into your lunches, etc.

Have you tried this method of calorie control before? What outcomes have you noticed? Comment below!

Calorie Control Guide